A veteran of the stage, Doug has performed since the age of 16. He presently performs with The Silverados rock-country band and Rockin' on Heaven's Door, a Top 40 oldies band.

Doug started composing instrumental pieces as soon as he heard the double string quartet in 'Eleanor Rigby.' Self-taught and highly motivated, his work as a teacher afforded him time to pursue writing and performing. After releasing a successful LP in the 80's, he widened his scope to include scores and instrumentals - composing for various musical genres. 

Having a B.S. in Communication Arts, Doug equally enjoys film scores as much as the films. He has composed several film themes for films yet unmade and music cues for film and TV. 

Now retired from public school teaching, Doug lives in southern California with his wife, Mary. When he's not thinking about God and guitars, he kicks around with his grand kids and cultivates bonsai trees.