2020 Singles


You Never Said. Words & music by Doug Hanks. ©2020 Lambs in the Meadow Music (BMI). Released late January 2020.

Originally written in 1972 as part of a 5-song collection called Suite:Christine. I revisited the song many times in 35 years, but favor this piano version. Strings are Los Angeles Scoring Strings.

Walking in the Father’s Love. Words & music by Doug Hanks. ©1982 Rainy Roley Music, ©1997 Rock of Refuge Music, adm. By EMI Christian Capitol. Released late January 2020. 

Originally released on my 1982 LP of the same name, this remake features acoustic guitars. Background vocals by Julie Wuertz and Sheryl Briggs.

My Sheep (John 10:27-28).  Words (arranged) and music by Doug Hanks. ©1992 Lambs in the Meadow Music. Released late January 2020.

The words are by John the Apostle quoting Jesus of Nazareth. Originally released on Blind Dog Barking, it should have appeared on the Hide the Bible in Your Heart series (but i hadn't written it yet!). This song was a staple at the later Raft Rallies held by Village Church in Beaverton, Oregon.

Strong Hand Words & music by Doug Hanks. ©1990 & 2020 Lambs in the Meadow Music (BMI) Originally published on Blind Dog Barking (1992).

     11 And brought Israel out from their midst, 
     For His lovingkindness is everlasting, 
     12 With a strong hand and an outstretched arm, 
     For His lovingkindness is everlasting. (Psalm 136:11-12 NASB) 

Written after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the first verse about “I hear the roar of the tanks…” is omitted here to make this song less than seven minutes long. It starts with the second verse: “I see a blind dog barking at a lamp on the street….” Growing up, I actually had a blind dog named “Boogalatesk.” We got her a seeing-eye cat. 

I have personally witnessed people set free by the strong hand of God from addictions and being victimized by unspeakable acts of humanity. And yes, the whole world is in His hand.   

Christmas in Collegetown 


When the band I play with was asked to play for the C******** Tree Lighting Ceremony in a nearby college town (several colleges to be exact), we accepted the invite. A few weeks before the gig, the city council forbid us to say the word "Christmas" in any of our songs. That would mean no "We Wish You a Merry C********," no "Have Yourself a Merry Little C********," no "Rockin' Around the C******** Tree." I was livid. Really pissed off. And I couldn't believe we were still going to play the gig!!! But a…

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Blue Sky Sliding 

Blue Sky Sliding is my first time out of the house in 18 years. Blind Dog Barking was my last time out in 1992. I wanted to see if the sun was still shining. 


I sang and played through some tin cans and string into a British console (Had to edit out the accent) and recorded into a 24 bit American hard disk recorder. At times, I used Apple Logic Pro 9. Then, I mixed to digital two-track at 24 bit/44.1Hz. (Old school language: DDD). I tried to do the project on tape, but my cassettes kept…

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