Second Time Again (2018) 


People meet on street corners and in front of their houses and say, ‘Let’s go hear the latest news from God.’ They show up, as people tend to do.... They listen to you speak, but don’t do a thing you say. To them you’re merely entertainment—a country singer of sad love songs, playing a guitar. They love to hear you, but nothing comes of it. But when all this happens—and it is going to happen!—they’ll realize that a prophet was among them.


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Christmas in Collegetown 


When the band I play with was asked to play for the C******** Tree Lighting Ceremony in a nearby college town (several colleges to be exact), we accepted the invite. A few weeks before the gig, the city council forbid us to say the word "Christmas" in any of our songs. That would mean no "We Wish You a Merry C********," no "Have Yourself a Merry Little C********," no "Rockin' Around the C******** Tree." I was livid. Really pissed off. And I couldn't believe we were still going to play the gig!!! But a…

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Blue Sky Sliding 

Blue Sky Sliding is my first time out of the house in 18 years. Blind Dog Barking was my last time out in 1992. I wanted to see if the sun was still shining. 


I sang and played through some tin cans and string into a British console (Had to edit out the accent) and recorded into a 24 bit American hard disk recorder. At times, I used Apple Logic Pro 9. Then, I mixed to digital two-track at 24 bit/44.1Hz. (Old school language: DDD). I tried to do the project on tape, but my cassettes kept…

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