Christmas in Collegetown


When the band I play with was asked to play for the C******** Tree Lighting Ceremony in a nearby college town (several colleges to be exact), we accepted the invite. A few weeks before the gig, the city council forbid us to say the word "Christmas" in any of our songs. That would mean no "We Wish You a Merry C********," no "Have Yourself a Merry Little C********," no "Rockin' Around the C******** Tree." I was livid. Really pissed off. And I couldn't believe we were still going to play the gig!!! But a contract is a contract and I like to honor my word.

That night when Santa came out, he leaned over to the city person who was emceeing the event and whispered something. Then he jiggled his fat suit and declared, "Happy Holidays!!" Most of us onstage just shook our heads and laughed out loud at the bizarre oddity of the whole situation. Some people in the crowd yelled out "Merry Christmas!" in response.

But alas, never make a songwriter angry... We get the last word - or should I say, the last lyric.

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